Forgotten by her lover, friends and family
Left alone at the sea while they sailed away
Spirit all broken
Shivers from the cold wind
Cold thoughts float into her minds
She consider cold actions
She knows not what to do
Suicide seems like the best option
She waits to see if someone maybe a new friend would sight her and help


But they all see her and walk away assuming she is ok.
Frustrated, she steps closer to the suicidal ocean
One great wave and she is all gone
Just five more step and she is dead
First step.
Second step.
“Excuse me young lady, are you ok?” a young man says.
“No! Get away and leave me alone, am fine.” she says harshly. The man nods and leaves. She had not meant her words, she had wanted him to press further. But he had not. Maybe she should just continue her journey.
Third step.
“Help service ma.” a voice says from behind. She turns and sees a smiling elderly man dressed in a white t-shirt and blue khaki shorts. The man looks like help itself. She gives him the same answer she had given the young man and with the same harsh tone. But the man doesn’t leave, instead he stands and watch the sea. She ignores him and continues her journey but this time with a partner.
Fourth step. Fourth step.
She turns and stare at him in shock.
“Step back, old man. The waves could wash you away.” she cautioned.
“It could also wash you away.” he says
“I am ready for it, I am wasted and forgotten.” she says with dejection in her voice..
“I am not wasted but I am forgotten. I have a big family with several children, one of my great-grand son would soon be born. But I would follow you, It is miserable for a beauty like you to die. Alone. “He says still smiling. She stares at the man like he was crazy. He had to be bluffing and there was one way to know.
She raises her leg and so does he. She puts it in the air and so does he. He seemed to mean it. She stares at him and see the tears in his eyes and the smile on his face. This came as a shock. Why would he be crying when he was the one choosing to die with her?
“You are worth dying for.” he says. This man had to be crazy. She puts her leg back and faces him.
“You are crazy. Do you want your blood to be on my hands?” she says.
“The blood of several people might be on your hands if you die without fulfilling your purpose. Don’t you know that several people in different places would suffer for it.” he says and never stops smiling even with the tears.
She smiles and claps sarcastically then gave him a blank stare.
“Good moral talk.” she says and laughs, then hisses.
“You are acting selfish, that is why you want to commit suicide. You just want to make this world a worse place by denying it of the treasures planted in you.” he says with a straight face, the smile seems to be gone. And it scares her.
“It is my choice. My life. Get away and leave me alone, the world doesn’t care about me.” she says.
“I repeat, you are acting selfish. Everything is about you. How are you sure you own your life? Did you create yourself? Did you plant all the treasures in yourself? How many hairs are on your head? Answer if you can.” he asks her. She stares at the ground, dumbfounded by his words.
She begin to realize how selfish she was.
“How many times do I have to die for you?” the man says.
“Die for me? How? Did you die for me? When? Where? Aren’t you alive? This is the first time i have ever seen you.” she tells the crazy old man. He smiles and looks at the sky. He stares at her and walks to her like a groom coming to his bride. He puts his arms around her and points to the sky. She looks up and sees only the usual sky.
“What?” she says.
“Look again. But with your heart.” he says and touches her chest. She looks up and tries to look with her heart. It looked stupid but she still attempts it. After a while she sees it, she sees angels pleading with her not to die. They seem to be warning her of somewhere that seems to be burning more than a furnace. Perhaps hell.
She pulls away from the old man and takes four steps back to the start.
“Who are you?” she asks in fear.
“The resurrected One. Do i have to always leave my throne to save you? If so then it is worth it. But once is enough.” He says. His countenance changes before her, he transforms and looks more like a shining light. She immediately bows at His feet in holy fear.
“I am sorry. Please don’t kill me. Forgive me for calling you crazy.” she pleads. He laughs softly, His laugh sounded wonderful to her whole being.
“I am here to give you life abundantly, I can’t kill you, My love.” he says and picks her up from the ground. He stares into her eyes. In the fire eyes of His, she sees the biggest ocean, filled with love.
“I am so sorry.” she pleads and begin to shed tears of joy. He nods and embraces her. He smelled nice. Like a garden of spices.
“I would never leave you. I am right here.” He says and taps her chest. He changes into a White Light and flies into her chest.
Immediately, she wakes up. It had been a w.e.i.r.d dream. It was noon, she had slept of by the sea with her bags all around her. Truly, she had been forgotten and was all alone. Her phone beeps. She frowns and picks it. It was the doctor. Her face goes white as she reads the message. What? She? How could she? How? At this point in time? The timing was wrong? How could she be PREGNANT?!!!
She immediately begins to cry. She had nothing and no one. Where would she begin? Her former family had called her barren and traveled overseas leaving her behind at the seaport, alone and stranded. If only the baby had come earlier. If only the doctor had texted earlier. She began to sob. She stared at the sea, it was only five steps away. Five steps that would end it all. She got up and took the first step then she remembered the dream. It could be just a dream. Wait! The old man had said he was expecting a great-grand son. Could it be the child?
She shakes the thought away and raises her leg but could not put it down. Instead she collapses on her bottom and cries.
“If you are in here, you did better speak.” she says and taps her chest.
“Good afternoon. Help service here?” someone says from behind her, but certainly not from within her. She jumps away in fear. She turns to see a young man in a captain’s uniform. He smiled warmly. She opens her mouth to yell at him but the Voice in her chest stops her.
‘Be kind and gentle, my love. I am with you.’ The Voice says. She smiles and sighs.
”Yes, you can be. I am stranded, forgotten and all alone. I need a new life. I don’t think you can give me that. Can you? Thanks for your offer. You can go. I have lot of things to put together. Especially the Voice i hear in my heart.” she says and sits on the ground. She hears the man call someone then face her and say.
“I am help service. I would do anything in my power to put ya back in da line. Now get up and lets grab lunch. My servant would put ya things in my car” he says. She stares at him in shock. He grins like a school boy. She opens her mouth to speak but he interrupts.
“Don’t fight or argue. I am ready for that. Just take it easy and let me be your knight, milady.” he says in a playful accent. She couldn’t help but smile. He offers her a hand of a new life.
“You don’t have to, am a stranger. I might be dangerous.” she says. He smiles again. She loved his smile, it seemed to warm her heart.
“The only danger you pose is the one that comes with your beautiful face.” he says and winks.
”Thanks. I take it as a compliment. If i was really beautiful then why did my husband dump me.” she says. He looked taken back. A man that looked like a servant arrive and greets.
“Take her bags to my car and get us some snacks and coffee. She seems shy to follow me to the restaurant. So let’s eat here.” he orders his servant and sits beside her. From the expression on the servants face. She knows the captain had to be a big gun for her to have rejected.
”I am not shy.” she says and stare at him. He stares into her eyes and smiles.
“Of course you aren’t. You are a tough lady and i like tough ladies. They debate a lot.” he says. She looks away from his eyes.
”Thanks.” she says.
“Wow, tough lady finally surrenders.” he says. They both laugh. Laughing felt good.
”Maybe your husband or ex-husband didn’t see your inner beauty. Because what i can spy inside of you is truly good. And you have to know that he didn’t truly love you, for love conquers all.” he says. She smiles.
”I want to help you start a new life. I am not God so I might not give you exactly what you want but i would do all that is in my power.” he says.
”Why?” she asks.
”Because you are sitting all alone on the sand and the wind is tossing your hair around.” he says and flashes his super smile. She feels uncomfortable knowing she looked like a mess. She begins to put her hair in place and he laughs.
”Would you take my hand and let me help you?” he asks and extends his hand again. She stares at him them at his hand. There was a scar on his hand. And there was one in her heart. Maybe they could be friends and heal together.
”Don’t make me cry and jump into the ocean.” he joked. She smiled and shyly put her hands in his. He held it firmly and moved closer to her. He smelled nice. She leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She heard footstep behind them. Maybe it was the servant that has brought the coffee and snacks. She was hungry. How had he known that she loved and almost always took coffee and snacks for lunch?
The journey has just begun. She didn’t realized she was leaning on her husband-to-be’s shoulder. A man that would lead her to God and be a pillar in her life.
From the blue sky above, the angels smiled and sighed in relief as they watched her surrender to Love.

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