As she gets down on me
As we strip each other in raw passion
As we lay naked on the bed
Something happens
Something impossible
I get glued to her
We get stuck to each other
I don’t mean emotionally but physically
We try to free ourselves but we are glued
Just like two foams held together by glue
She stares at me in horror
I also stare back with the same expression
What was happening?
We stand and try to free ourselves but all to no avail.
Was God punishing me for deflowering her?
I should have listened to Pastor David.
He had said when you break that hymen, you are making a blood covenant. Covenants required blood. Seeing the blood on the bed sheet makes me feel guilty. He also said the sperm acted as glue, to keep the people having sex tied for life.
What scared me now was that he said when you free yourself from each other, one person went with a part of the other person.
I stare into Sandra’s eyes, I could see that she was panicking. Perhaps she knew what I was thinking for we attended the same church.
“Stop staring. Act. Do something. You are a man. Let us force ourselves off each other.” She yells. I could say nothing but nod. She grabs the window while I grab the bed. We pull away with force. My fear hit its mark. We tear from each other. But she took part of me. A big part. She stares at me in shock.
“Where is your chest?” She asks.
“Wait. It is still glued to you. Let me take it off.” I say. I begin to walk towards her but she signals for me to stop.
“I don’t have time. I am late for my appointment.” She says and begin to dress up.
“You can’t go with me. That would be cruel. How would I survive? But you said you are free all day.” I say in a rushed manner. She ignores me and finishes dressing.
“I have changed my mind. Bye.” She picks her bag and head for the door.
“Sandra don’t leave me like this. How do I survive without my chest?” I plead. She stops at the door and slowly turn.
I see emotions in her eyes. I sigh. I knew she was not cruel.
“I love you. But I can’t be with you. Am sorry, Desmond. It is over.” She says with tears in her eyes. I stare at her in shock for few seconds. Why the sudden change?
“Why? After everything? What did I do wrong? Didn’t I satisfy you? Why? Can’t we work it out?” I plead.
“No. Goodbye.” She says and turns to open the door.
“Ok. But can’t you at least give me my chest.” I say as I walk towards her slowly not to scare her.
“That would be dangerous. You might mistakenly pull me off also. Goodbye.” She said and shut the door in my face.
And that was it. I never got my chest from her. Though it grew back but it took a long while. And it was a miserable while.
This is what truly happens when we have sex. But it is emotional and spiritual, I was even lucky that mine was physical. People lose part of them. They never get where they were supposed to get to. They never achieved their dreams.
Marriage is what keeps you tied together. Be wise stay sexually pure. No sex until marriage (Nosum). Don’t covenant wrongly. Sex is a covenant. Even without the hymen blood is still shared.
Stand for purity, even if you have lost it.
#Nosum #Notum

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