I was seated on the bed in my room when she came in, dressed in a yellow wraparound shirt(That was my name for a shirt that had no sleeves), and a brown, white and black multi-coloured skirt. Her dressing fitted her perfectly, anything could fit this girlfriend of mine.
I stared at her as she stepped in and closed the door. I wanted to remind her not to shut the door since we were alone in my room but I decided to ignore. We were matured enough not to do anything stupid.
She stood behind the door and just smiled. A happy smile. I began to wonder what was going on. Her eyes were bright with joy. I waited for her to speak but she said nothing. I began to grow impatient.
“Lizzy, what is causing this kind of smile? Gist me.” I asked.
“Guess.” She said with her lovely voice that always melted my heart like butter in a fry pan.
“Hmm… You have found a new boyfriend to substitute me.” I teased.


“Am serious.” She flashed a serious look then went back to the excited face.
“Um…. We qualified for ‘Dance like Crazy’.” I was referring to a competition we were into. We were professional dancers.
“Hmm. Almost there.”She said excitedly, her smile broadened.
“Wait…. You can’t mean…..” I sat sitting upright. She smiled and nodded. I nodded and smiled in reply. I could feel my eyes brighten up like hers. We had won another big dance competition.
“Yes!!!” I shouted in excitement, forgetting that my granny whom had ushered Lizzy in was home and maybe trying to rest or sleep as usual. I jumped up and hugged Lizzy tightly. We swirled around in joy then collapsed on my bed. Which brought about trouble and made it an embarrassing day for me. A day I would never forget. Ok, this is the end of the story. Bye.
Hahaha…… Just kidding. It continues.
We collapsed on the bed in an interesting way, I landed on her with my face close to hers. Instead of pushing each other of and laughing it off, we stayed like that and stared into each others eyes. Romantic and dangerous. Dangerous? You may ask. Yes dangerous. We were not married and were Christians fighting to remain sexually pure. We believe in No sex until marriage.  #NoSUM
Ok, back to story. A force created by myself pushed my face closer. Then it began. For the first time in our three years dating history we kissed and not just kissed. Kissed deeply. Then we began to lose it, our hands began to move towards places but before it reached the places, the Lord intervened. Halleluyah! Guess how? Lol.
Something struck my back and I jumped off her and danced in pain. I turned to see my granny holding her  witch’s broom.
“Junior… Ha….. Pastor Dancer….” She yelled, calling me by my nickname. I stood dumbfounded and trembling.
“Ha… Let your dad come… So this is what you have been doing.” She said and began wiping me with that her broom that could make a stone cry.
“Mama. Excitement’s fault ni? The devil caused it.” Was all I could say as I cried in pain. Well end of story. My granny told my parents and since then I was no longer allowed to take girls into my room. Sorry for ending it this way but remember it is my story and I throw the dice.
N:B: My granny also beat my girlfriend with the witch broom. But just twice. Twice that could make a tough man cry. Well, it made us learn our lesson and made it tough and embarrassing for me to look at Lizzy the next day.
Stay sexually pure. Stay wise. Act wise. No S.U.M.

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