This write up goes to couple of people who claim to love God. Maybe they love God, but do they prove it. Or do they think loving God is about going to church alone. Here is a test to your so-called love?

God dwells in people but do you love them?
Giving is a proof of love, but do you give a new trouser to that Christian brother that wears a patched trouser every Sunday?
Do you go to church every Sunday and come out the same, without impacting one member’s life?
Do you gossip about other members? If you do, are you not gossiping about God’s children?
Do you pray for your enemies to die even after Jesus asked you to love your enemies? Or perhaps, you believe God is too small to handle your enemies?  Did David not still love Saul and let God handle him even after Saul tried to kill him severally?
Or perhaps you do not know that God is love?
If you don’t have love, then you are not a Christian but a church goer. So stop filling the pew, be a part of the sheep and love God. Remember that He lives in us I.e Holy Spirit, so show your love by loving and giving to the carriers/ habitat of the Holy Spirit.

These are just few questions to ask yourselves and see whether or not you truly love God.

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