From the earth o Lord, I call unto Thee
Have mercy on me and forgive me my iniquities
If not for Your mercy o Lord, no one could call on You. For our sins are surplus
It is your mercy that saves us
I would be patient and wait till the Lord answer my petitions
Hope in the Lord o ye people, for He is our salvation and redemption.

O Lord see my heart. It is not filled with junk
I do not run after the pleasures of the world anymore
I do away with the cares of the things of the world
My soul has been cleansed. Like a child’s heart, so is my heart
O ye righteous,  hopefully wait on the Lord forever. Amen.

Lord remember me and my sufferings
How I have vowed to serve You forever
I would not rest till I have served You well
For I am Your servant and would always do Your will
In Your ark I would rest,
For Thou hast called it ‘Our resting place’
Cloth us with righteousness o God
Let us praise You with Joy and songs of victory
For You have clothed our enemies with shame.

Unity brings the blessings of the Lord upon us,
Living together in peace and unity is like rains of pure gold
It is like a city made of gold; for the Lord shall dwell in their midst

Lift up Your hands and bless the Lord
O ye servants of God who praise Him everyday in His temple, praise the name of God
Bless the Lord forever
Bless the God who created everything on earth
May the good Lord bless us also. (Amen)

Praise the Lord, o praise Him and praise Him forever
The Lord is good and perfect
His ways are pleasant and glorious
His sovereignty is mighty
The Lord does whatever He pleases, for He owns everything
He owns the wood that the fools use to create idols
The Lord cannot be compared with an Idol
The Lord is greater than all. Blessed be His name forever. Hallelujah (Amen)

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is forgiving
For His grace abideth forever
Oh praise our God of mercy, for His grace abideth forever
Oh praise our king that never stops forgiving our iniquities,  for His grace abideth forever
Him alone forgives us before we sin, for His grace abideth forever
He takes us into His arms after we have gone astray, for His grace abideth forever
He let His only Son die for us, For His grace abideth forever
He saves us from our own traps, for His grace abideth forever
He picks us from multitudes,  for His grace abideth forever
Oh sing unto the Lord and bless His glorious name forever, for His grace abideth forever.

We sat on the floor in despair and cried
Music became bitter to our souls
People urged us to sing, but how can we sing with a heavy heart
We keep thinking of the good old times, when we sang and danced in beautiful gardens
But the time has been taken away
We now sit in a foreign land, begging from it’s citizens
O Lord redeem us and smite our enemies
Yea, smite them that laughed when we fell
O ye wicked mockers, you shall be filled with shame. May punishment fall on your heads
May blessings be poured upon the people that deliver your punishment.

Thanks and praises from deep within my heart be unto the Lord
I will sing and dance unto the Lord
His love, mercy, grace and kindness towards me is surplus
When I called upon Him, He answered me
The Lord who is mighty and powerful regards the humble but disregards the proud
Trouble may rise against me but the Lord would rescue me
He will pour His wrath upon those who plan evil against me
The Lord would perfect that which concerns me
The Lord is filled with mercy and truth. May His name be praised forever. Hallelujah

Thou o Lord knowest everything that happens both in earth and in heaven
You know my every step,
You know the amount of breathe I take in everyday
My thoughts are not hidden from You,
My heart is just like an open book to You
There is nothing I can hide from You, and there is nowhere I can hide from Thee o Lord
For You see the depths of the oceans,
You see the very insides of the sun,
Your eyes penetrates into the ground
Blessed be Thy name o God, You have made billions of unique and wonderful creatures
You created me with perfect uniqueness
Thy hands are marvellous in their ways
How great You are o Lord
Direct my steps into Your eternal glory
Be Thou exalted o Lord above the whole universe. May Your name be praised and worshipped forever and ever. Amen

Save me o Lord from the hands of the wicked
Let Your mighty  hand o Lord rescue me
Do not let the wicked rejoice over me
Let not the desires of the wicked come over me
Destroy the traps of the wicked o Lord
For You are my protection and shield
Listen to my supplications o Lord my God
Have mercy on me and save my soul
Let the evil of the wicked fall on their own heads
And let the righteous praise Your name forever and ever. Amen

Hear the sound of my cry o Lord,
Listen to my prayer and supplication,
Let it come as a sweet smelling savour to You
Keep me from evil o Lord and let not my mouth sin against Thee
Correct me and set me on the right path
I look up to the Lord to save me
The wicked have set evil traps for me,
But I know You would keep me from it
Blessed be the name of our Saviour.

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