Save me o God from the hands of my enemies
Wash me clean with Your blood
I lay my head in Your bosom
Stoke my head and touch me tenderly
Touch me like a mother with her child
Kiss my head and rock me to sleep
Then i would awake to Your rich mercies
I put my trust in Thee, You are my only hope. In Jesus name (Amen)

The Lord is my love and heartbeat
He is the Lover of my soul
I love Him forevermore
I love You Lord and yea I love Thee
With a joyous heart would i sing unto You
Your praises would fill my mouth forever
With gladness would i worship You
For Your mercies endureth forever
I worship and praise Your holy name. Selah
Thou hast saved me from my enemies
Thou hast destroyed sickness and given me divine health
Now i can never be sick again
Thanks, is all i can say. Amen

Help me o Lord, lift me Lord for i am falling
I need Your help. You are my shield and buckler
In You do i trust, i lean on You
My strength cannot save me
I lean on the help of Your spirit
I lift up my eyes unto You, o Lord
Thou i ache and feel anxious but Thy ways are perfect
I smile in the midst of my distress, because Thou o Lord wilt save me
I praise Thee o Lord forever

Praise be unto Your name o God
Every creature give You praise, Your glory is brighter than the sun
Your voice scattereth the enemies
Yea, the sound of Your voice brings terror to the enemies
Thy Word is life and strength
Thy Words hold power to heal and create
Thy Words are the controller of my life
Your Words put me on the right path
Thy Word strengthens men and gives them hope. Selah

11:42 30/1/15
I will worship you forever; songs of praises shall not depart from my mouth
O ye nations arise and praise Jehovah
For His ways are pure and wondrous
He never puts us to shame
He fulfills His covenant and never lies
I cried unto the Lord and He heard me
God heard my cry and wiped away my tears
I was in pain and He healed me
His mighty hands lifted me
His angels encamp round about me
I will sing Your praises and shout Hallelujah!
I will teach my children and nations to serve You. Your praises would fill the earth and would come up to Your holy heavens
I praise You mightily and bow before Your throne for Thou art truly great

You art the Lord that giveth hope
You have never put me to shame
Even when my soul felt weak, You carried me on Thy wings to greater heights
You are my rock, shield and shepherd
You protect me from the wolves
Thy guide is peaceful and perfect
I asked for bread but Thou hast given me wine
You removed my sorrow and gave me joy
You removed sickness and gave me divine health
Before i ask, Thou hast answered
I would stand in Your temple and burn for Thee o Lord
I thank Thee o Lord for everything, i praise You o God.


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