The witches gathered around the big black pot filled with water that had been gotten from the belly of the river. The water had been gotten by the marine spirits and lots of blood had been shed to get it.
A loud scream went up from the madame and leader of the 666B-clan. She walked around the pot seven times then picked up the picture from their client. She stared at the picture then smiled. Her client was about to witness the power of this clan.
“Death oooo. The stupid woman does not want to let me enjoy her husband.” Her client said angrily.
“Shhhh!!!!!!” All the witches cautioned her to be silent in the dark room of dark power.


“Beatrice ooo!!!!” The leader called out.
“Iku ti de.”(Translated as ‘Death has come”) The other witches responded. The procedure was repeated six times, then the leader dropped the picture into the pot. She stretched out her hand and a black-curved knife appeared in her hand.
“Strike!!!!!” The witches began chanting. The leader let out a loud cry and tried striking but the picture floated away and the knife struck the water. Everyone immediately went silent. It had never happened before.
After about a minutes silence and staring around in wonder, the leader frowned and turned to her client.
“How dare you bring a Christian to our shrine!!!” She roared. Her client began trembling.
“I…. did not know that you don’t accept Jesus people.” She replied but at the mention of the name of ‘Jesus’ all the witches fell on their knees and screamed.
“Don’t mention that name here.” The witches screamed. By this time, the client was already shaking in fear.
“You have turned on the appetite of the gods, your blood shall be used to satisfy them.” The leader roared and gestured to two other witches to behead the client.
“No!!!!” The client screamed out as they grabbed her. As a witch raised up a machete to behead her, the client remembered that the witches feared one Name. Perhaps the name could save her. But would she call it?

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