Chains struck her back and she fell down again. She could not count the number of times that she had fallen down, she had kept pleading with them to stop but they had refused. She was a real torment and could hardly breathe, she knew she could not take it anymore. She felt death was near but she was not yet ready to die.
The whole torment was her fault, she had granted the devil an opening into her life through sex and malice. Now, here she was powerless and tormented by the devil’s agents.
Chains struck her again and she cried out in pain. The evil-doers laughed and continued chanting. She cried and cried as she watched them running round her in circles. She knew that they would stop and strike her again when their leader mention ‘Strike’.
“Strike!” She heard the sound and immediately got ready for the strokes from the hot rough chain, and it did come.
‘But God has shown us how much he loves us- it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us!’ The scripture jumped into her spirit.
“Stupid girl, you have made a great mistake. Sex abi? You would die, we needed the blood of a virgin and now we have it.” She heard her boyfriend’s voice. Shocked, she managed to look up and see him through her teary eyes. He stood wearing the black attire and holding a matchete. She opened her mouth wide in shock. She had thought he was a Christian, and opened her whole life and body to him. She had valued him more than God, now here she was about to die and be used for sacrifice.
‘Wasn’t Christ the ultimate sacrifice.’ She heard a gentle voice say.
‘You are not perfect but Christ is your perfection. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.’ The voice said again. She knew it was the voice that she had longed to hear since her newbirth, the voice of the Lord.
She looked up and saw a machete coming towards her head.
“JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed and closed her eyes.
“Jesus! Save me. Forgive me and help me.” She called out to God. She felt something like a liquid-fire fall on her tongue and float to her belly. Out of her belly, words began to fly to her mouth, she began to speak in new tongues.
She opened her eyes to see a white ceiling and lots of people including her family members in a room with her, she realized she was in a ward. She had been in coma for three days and was just about to be certified as dead.
“Thank you Jesus!” Her mother screamed and hugged her. As they hugged, she noticed the doctors trying to treat someone on the floor. A doctor stepped back and she saw it was her boyfriend lying dead.

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