He opened his eyes to see blurry images, he could smell chemicals of different makes. He adjusted his head a bit which resulted in sharp pains, the pain made tears run down his cheeks. He could still not place the images infront of him but they looked weird. He tried to recall how he had gotten there, then he remembered. His eyes fought to see more clearly as he remembered how he had gotten kidnapped.
Fear filled him as his eyes revealed and sent to his brain, images of an ugly and dirty shrine. He saw scary carvings and paintings on the wall. As he stared around in absolute fear and shock, he saw a white cock walking around and a snake at the corner.


A shriek and harsh scream sent the little peace he had found in the silence, running. He looked at the cause of the scream and saw a man probably a priest with a machete. The man or priest’s hard eyes met his and the priest laughed wickedly then raised the machete to put him to his end.
He knew death was coming. But he knew only one person who could defeat death.
“Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. His scream took all his strength and left him so tired that he just closed his eyes and went into a deep sleep. But before he slept, he heard the sound of thunder, the sound of things breaking and the distant sound of sirens.
He knew and was sure that he would wake up to peace. Not heavenly peace but earthly peace.
For he had just gotten a restoration of his life on earth.

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