His kiss tasted as sweet as ever, she was weak with raw passion. His hands seemed to be more than two as it flew all over her body. He began undressing her.
‘I would never have sex again, am now a renewed virgin.’ She remembered her own words. She fought hard to ignore it and enjoy what her so-called boyfriend that never honoured her wish or her body, was doing but the words kept repeating itself.
“Its too late, and what is there in one more time.” She muttered.
‘It is never too late, and there is a whole lot in one more time.’ She heard an inner voice say.
“What did you say baby?” Her so-called boyfriend asked
She wanted to say ‘ride on’, but she heard herself say “Stop it!!!!”. She began to cry and feel all dirty.
“What’s wrong?” He asked her and wiped her tears off. She pushed herself off him
“I would never have sex again, mark my words.” She said with so much bitterness and confidence that he sat up and just stared at her
“Baby, it is not….” He began saying
“Hold it! I don’t want to hear those stupid lines that ruined me. Bye, Samson, ‘It is finished’.” She said and knew it was truly finished.

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