She was already pressed against the wall, she could feel the heat from his body through her clothes. She had longed for a touch from him but had never expected him to crave so badly for her. She closed her eyes as she saw him bring his head closer for a kiss, all her buttons were on and dying for this.
But in a flash, she remembered a whole lot of things. She remembered that she was a virgin, she had fought had to keep her virginity, she had people looking up to her and she had a God that would be disappointed in her if she does this.
She quickly jerked away at the last second, she could see the surprise on Ralph’s face. She quickly pulled herself together and adjusted her clothes.
“Hey, what did I do wrong?” He asked.
“It is not right….. Sex before marriage is absolutely wrong.” She said and walked towards the door. She heard him laugh.
“Stop deceiving yourself, you can’t do without it.” He said and walked towards her rapidly.
“Goodbye Ralph.” She said and shut the door in his face. She knew she had to flee or he would seduce her into the act. She made her mind never to meet him in his house ever again. This was the last straw, she had nearly lost her virginity.

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