She walked down the dark alley in fear. The alleys in this part of town were known to be dangerous.
She took about three steps per second. She had gotten to the middle when she began hearing footsteps behind her, she glanced back in fear and saw a man in black jacket with a hood covering his face and leaving his identity hidden. He said nothing as he kept coming closer at a slow pace. She was so scared that she immediately took to her heels but stumbled on something just a few feets away. She fell face down and was about to scream, when the hooded man came to her aid.
“Sorry, are you ok?” he asked kindly as he helped her up. She calmed, she felt like cool water had just been poured on her. She nodded her reply. She felt at peace to know that the man was a kind stranger.
He could see her fear, he knew he looked scary with his jacket at a dark time like this. He was not seeking her hurt, today was not his day for a rape. But as his eyes got accustomed to the dark, he saw her clearly. She was very beautiful and dangerously attractive, and too make matters worse, she wore clothes that exposed her chest and thighs. He could feel his body responding in a way that he didn’t want it to. But he knew he had a choice of decision.
She began feeling uneasy as he stared at her lustfully, she knew it was not his fault. She had intentionally dressed like this to make the  boys at the party she was coming from go crazy, but she had not expected this. As his eyes continued scanning, she felt scared and exposed. She cleared her throat and turned away from his viewing slightly. But she realized that her turning might have worsened matters. She had just showed him her back, that is, her enormous behind squeezed in a bum short and her crazy crop shirt that revealed the middle of her back and her waist. She knew she had just set herself up for a rape. She knew he could no longer take it and she instantly took to her heels again. But she was stopped again but by a strong arm that pinned her to the wall then the floor. He pressed his whole body against her and tried pinning her.


She struggled with all her might but he was stronger. As she fought, she knew he could not rape her except she let him be. There was no way one guy could rape a lady except he hit her unconscious. She fought fiercely, she scratched, bit and spat. She could feel him losing his hold so she kicked him at a vulnerable place and he loosened his hold. She managed to get up and flee, she kept screaming as she ran. She had read that noise always disarmed attackers. She ran and finally got out. It took her 10 minutes of non-stop running before she finally got home. She stepped unto her pouch and cut sight of her broken heels, she immediately realized why she had fallen the first time.
He grunted in pain as he got up, she had taken him down. That was the first lady to ever do that and it had been due to her strong will to escape. Well she did better not try that next time. But even with a next time, he knew he could do nothing except she got rid of her strong will not to ever be raped.

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