She was surrounded by three strong guys, she knew they meant no good. Before she could scream for help, her mouth was covered by a strong palm from behind. She fought with all her might but she was overpowered and dragged to a corner. She was not ready to give up, she kept fighting and scratching. She did not stop fighting until one of the hooded men punched her head and left her half-concious. She tried fighting but had little power left. She could manage to see the three men begin to take of their shorts. She knew fully well from the onset that this men wanted to rape her and now they would have their chance.


‘God where are you in all this.’ she cried in her heart as she watched the men get ready to pounce on her.
Was God so heartless to let her be raped? She knew it was not God’s scheme but the devil’s. But God had to protect her.
“Jesus save me.” She managed to mutter.
‘Call my name.’ She heard His voice.
“Jesus!” she managed to yell.  One of the man was already reaching for her chest but his hands stopped few inches away. The other two behind also stood frozen.
Then they all laughed and continued laughing. She watched speechlessly, not knowing what was going on. The men continued laughing and walked away laughing. It looked all like a dream.
She lay on the floor completely speechless.
‘My name never fails.’ He said again.
“Thank you.” She muttered still weak and unable to see clearly.
She heard footsteps and turned in fear. She saw a man walking to her.
“Sorry Rachel, let me take you home.” the man said and carried her in his arms. She had no strength to argue, so she let him. She closed her eyes and slept off. The next time she woke, she woke with a slight headache and in her room.
‘How had the man known her house? and how had he known her name? Who was he?’ she questioned herself. She ignored the questions for the moment and knelt down to thank God for saving her from a brutal rape.

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