Everywhere was dead silent. It was 2:45am. Every human soul seemed to be asleep except for one lady. No sound was heard except for the soft footsteps of the lady. She walked silently trying not to arouse any noise. She was returning from a conference which finished late. The lagos traffic had kept her bound. Finally she had gotten halfway but it was already late and she had another meeting early in the morning so she had decided to walk.
But there was an issue on ground. She was halfway and she felt followed. She stared all around but saw none. She felt uneasy. She was sure that someone was near. The feeling was very strong but she could see no one. She thought she was alone on the lonely street. She never knew she was followed by several muscular beings.
She glanced around once more. She still saw no one. She felt like she couldn’t take it anymore so she took to her heels. She ran till she was tired and had to stop. Breathless, she sat on a road side pavement. She was drenched in sweat. A sweat rolled down her forehead and rolled down towards her eyes. She was about to raise her finger to stop it from causing momentary blindness, when she felt someone’s finger wipe it away. She flinched and was about to scream but the still Voice in her spoke.
‘Be calm.’ He said. She had nearly forgotten about Him. She calmed and sighed. She was rest assured she was safe if He said so.
‘Some people are following me.’ she spoke to Him through her mind. She stared around wildly.
‘Yes, i know. Fear not, for they are not here to hurt you.’ He said.
‘Ok.’ she replied. She stood up and stared around for them but still saw no one. The feeling was still there. It had not left even when she had taken to her heels.
‘See with your eyes.’ He said.
‘That is what am doing.’ she replied and stared around at all the buildings.
‘With the inner eye that I have given you.’ He said. She understood His words. She switched from physical eyes to supernatural eyes. She immediately saw a wing above and close to her head, before she turned she did some mathematics in her head. For a wing to be towering over her head, the wing owner had to be very tall. A giant.
She gulped, turned and saw a giant with wings. Other giants stood behind him. She instantly fell on her face in fear.
“Fear not.” he said. His voice was loud and clear. She felt him pick her up and set her on her feet. His hold on her was strong and tender.
She took her time to stare at them in disbelief. They were in human shape but not humans. They were giant warriors with wings. She wondered who could win a battle against them. They looked fearsome and yet so beautiful. Yes, beautiful classified them even though they were males.
“Who are you?” she asked, she couldn’t stop staring. The giant at the front which seem to be the leader smiled before replying.
“We are your messengers. Sent to serve you. To protect and help you.” he said. His voice sounded nice to her ears.
“What is your name?” she asked.
“I cant tell you that.” he replied. She wanted to ask why but she decided against it. She heard a whistle from far. She looked in that direction. She saw two men walking towards her. She wondered what they would say if they saw the messengers. She glanced at them. They looked less bothered.
“Remember that we are here. You can see us with your supernatural eyes.” the messenger said. She nodded and glanced at the men. She knew they were either the police or hoodlums. Whoever they were, she was not scared. Just one of her messenger was over-more than enough to handle them. She smiled and awaited the approaching men.

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