Love is a very very powerful force, it can provide energy, zeal, strength, eagerness, wisdom etc to do things excellently well. It can make a roach have the wisdom to overcome the elephant that is vying for his ant-girlfriend.
Love is a source of power. It could be physical,health-wise,emotional, mental, spiritual etc, power. Love could grant you the wisdom and power to do good or bad to get something. But it is up to you to decide if or if not to do the evil part, it maybe to hurt someone, hate someone etc
If we look at the paragraph above, we would notice that love could be painted as bad. I.e Love has bad sides. Or maybe that is selfish love. But, can love be selfish?Or Is it the human being that is selfish and not love?
Love is pure and holds no form of evil, the evil only dwells in the person whom happens to be the carrier of love and not in ‘love’. Love is pure and clean. Love can never ever be stained. Therefore, humans are the selfish ones while love remains ‘unselfish’.
1 corinthians 13 characterizes love as patient, kind, not jealous or conceited or proud, not ill-mannered, not selfish or irritable etc. Love is beautiful and supremely powerful.
Love is something everyone including the wicked, loves to experience.
The reason why love is the greatest on earth is because God is love.
So keep loving. Love everyone around you, whether good or bad. Just keep loving.

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