Hmm….. Ok, this is how it began;
Apologies for not introducing myself first, my name is TD Adams. I graduated from secondary school in 2011.  Yeah, 2011. Its a long time huh? 2016 minus 2011. Yes indeed it is quite long time.
I firstly gained admission and a scholarship to Landmark university, Omuaran but lost it due to late registration. I also later gained admission to a Maritime academy but could not follow up the admission due to lack of finances.
In 2013, I wrote jamb again as usual and for the first time, I did not pass too well. I had less than 200 but above 180. I bought post jamb form for futa and read like crazy that my aunty whom I stayed with was begging me to rest. Unfortunately for me, on the day of the exam, I was not allowed to write the exam because my jamb score was too low for the school. Well, I did not give up, I wrote post jamb in akungba, a school that accepted 180 as their cut-off mark. Someone there promised to help us do my admission and my younger sister’s own, he promised us it would work out. The admission list took time before it was released and jamb form’s sales’ closing date was around the corner. So therefore, we called Mr.AdmissionDoer and he told us not to take the form, assuring us that the admission would come through. But, it never did come through and Mr.AdmissionDoer no longer picked our calls or responded to us despite the fact that he had made us lose a year.
So, in 2014 I couldn’t write Jamb because the sales of the form had closed by the time I found out that akungba had not given me admission.
Well well well, the next time I wrote was in 2015. My dad had sent me 10,000 naira to register for jamb but I was tired of writing jamb. I began to feel led to sow that money and later got a word of knowledge from Pastor Timi Adigun, Co-ordinator of Mine Teenage Ministry, while he was speaking to us during Bible study. So, I sowed it in my former and at that time present church, canaanland(Winners). I thought that that was the end but a family friend, Mrs.Ojeola called out of the blues and told me that she wanted to register me for jamb. I told God that if she gave me the money that I was going to sow it again but fortunately, she did not give me the money, she paid it to someone and asked me to go and meet him to do the registration purpose. I finished up and began reading after a long time.
Well I wrote it and passed both jamb and post jamb and began waiting for admission list. I was already born-again, unlike before that I was just trying with human power, now I relied on God. I waited for the uniJos admission list but my name was not on the first list. So, I waited for the second list, but the second list took time as UJ went on strike and kept postponing the admission list release date. Again, I refused to take 2016 jamb, I was tired and like the biblical Jacob I was holding unto the feet of Jesus  saying ‘I won’t let You go until you give me my own admission’. I believed it was time for my own testimony because I had with all humility  fasted, prayed, served and sowed. After waiting for more than 4months for the admission list while my friends were already preparing for jamb, I began to lose hope and faith and began considering Open University, a part time university. I claimed that I was no longer interested in full time university life and that I wanted to be working(making money) and schooling. I also gave excuse that who was going to pay my school fees and other expenses. Different excuses began to rise but I was shut up when I God gave me a word for my admission into Unijos while I was ‘retreating’ with some brothers-in-the-Lord, who are men of the Spirit. Someone whom I don’t know and refused to let me know him or her also promised to pay my school fees. Another Friend of my mum promised to be giving me money every month. Hmm, now I can give no excuses but just trust and have faith. And I also caught a passion and desire to start up mine teenage ministry and also advocate #Nosum in Jos,Plateau state, that was and is now my driving force.
Well on the 28th of February 2016, I heard admission list was out but unfortunately I had not subscribed and didn’t have card to text it to anyone to help me check. My mum later transferred airtime, so I sent my details to my Elder sister and she helped me check. I opened the text messages with my hopes so high and my faith bouncing like a basketball or should I say football. Hmm, basketball would do. Ok with my faith bouncing like a basketball and my spirit getting ready to celebrate, I saw the text and it read;
No admission given yet.
Boom!!!!! That was how my bubbles got bursted and I fought against the words the devil was throwing at me. Maybe it is not time yet.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
Ok, well I wrote the above part of this write up on sunday because God asked me to write out my admission testimony, I promised him I was gonna share my testimony in groups. Well, today is tuesday(1stMarch), after my personal daily crossover vigil and after I had gotten the word ‘Connect’ as my word for the month, I slept and woke up to open the door for my mumsy and brothers who were coming from vigil. I slept back but my elder sister woke me up again and here was what she said;
“You just got admission in Unijos for Architecture.'(Paraphrase) and that was it. I had gotten admission since sunday that God told me to write out my admission testimony but jamb had not yet updated it.
‘It was not by my Faith but by His faithfulness’ (You can say ‘word’ to that last statement cause it is really very deep)

Stay tuned with:

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