This man is a man filled with divine wisdom
He is a versatile person
He has a whole lot of talents
He is a teacher, worshipper, instrumentalist, coach, mentor….
And the list goes on
He is a true leader
He is a man that has blessed lots of lives
He has helped a whole lot of people find purpose and get directioned
He is very unique and greatly different
He is a man that I respect very very well, anytime and anywhere
He is responsible and reliable,  trustworthy and honest
Then to top it up and kill it, he is a genuine lover of God


This man is a bomb to our generation
His future is so bright that it could melt you
This man is a description of good success
He is just so so so so so so…………….
I can write of him on and on o,  but this is meant to be a poem and not a story
I can tell you of how he has changed different ladies life for good
How he is making waves in the ladies ministry world.
Hmm…… Abundant grace to you sir
#U.Lekan #PastorRemo #LadiesMinistryMan
#Aremotobi #PurpleOutpour
#OlalekanAremo #TrueFriends

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