“Word!!!” The congregation screamed again
“Ride on Pastor” Few others added
They have been doing this for long, I know it is not their fault for I am also getting stabbed with ‘rhemas’ (Rhema: as in deep and wise words spoken)
The pastor throws another ‘heavy’ rhema and I join them to scream ‘word!!!’
But this time, something spectacular happens.
An elderly woman rises and walks to the altar, everyone including the ushers’ watches in wonder.
Before we can say ‘Holy!’, she slaps the preacher at the back.
“No kill me with rhema nah, You no know say I don old” She told him angrily in Nigerian pidgin translated as “Don’t kill me with rhemas, You know am already old”
“Na true self.” (Translated as “It is true”) Another elderly woman says and stands. Before we know it several other elderly people join the first woman and head for the pulpit. But by the time dem get there, pastor don run comot.(Pastor had ran away).

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