1st of April, 2015. 8:50am. Ajuwon.

‘Junior you look good.’ i say
‘Thank you sir’ he replies
I keep commenting on how good he looks. When i notice the young boy is overwhelmed, i say what i wanted to say.
‘Can you please help me throw my bin at the backyard?’ i say.
‘Sure.’ he replies.
As he walks out my door with the bin in his hand, i sighed.
He was like my pawn.
I had seen a snake earlier on at the backyard.
That had instilled fear in me that left me sitting all day in my room.
I waited for my pawn to come but he never did.
I began to tremble and wonder.
He might be lying dead on the floor.
After 10 more minutes. I walked to the backyard.
I saw my pawn lying flat on his face.
‘Snake! Snake! Snake!’ I screamed.
Some people arrived almost immediately. How did they get here so fast, i wondered.
Instead of helping the boy they stared at me.
‘Snake?’ Baba Junior asked.
‘Yes. I a big black one. Help him first.’ i said. Someone went and carried Junior and just stood there.
‘Where is the snake? I want to use it for soup. ‘ Mama Junior said with a strange expression on her face.
‘I don’t know.’ i replied. Something was not right.
‘We have been watching you since. You heartless dog. You saw a snake and fled with your bin then you sent my son to dump the bin uhn? You must restore my son’s life’ Baba Junior yelled in anger.
‘N…o…ehm…’ i stammered.
‘April fool’ Junior jumped down and laughed.
I began to go red. I wished for the ground to swallow me.
The snake was tossed at me. I screamed and tried to run but it hit me and fell. It felt too soft. I stared at it and saw it was a toy snake.
The people formed a ring around me and laughed. I immediately wet my pants.
Embarrassed, I tried to run but I was obstructed.
They laughed at me for about 20minutes till they were tired.
When i got back to my room, I vowed never to use anyone as a pawn ever again.

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