“That is how easy it is to be saved.” she said.
“Wow, so easy.” the young man,Alan, replied.
“So would you like to be saved now. I could lead you in the prayer of repentance.” she said. He stared at her and looked thoughtful. She patiently waited for him. Minutes began to fly and she decided to tell him to leave it till another time but he spoke first.
“I would love someone to be with me when i say this prayer.” he said with a look in his eyes which she could not decipher.
“Hmmm……. Ok”
“But she is at home. Can you follow me home to meet my honorable mother, she has been praying for this for a long while.” he said smoothly, but she sensed he was lying. She could smell deceit in the air.
She was about to refuse but she felt the Lord leading her to go.
‘Lord, if You want me to go then You must speak ‘Loud and clear.’ ‘ she replied in her spirit.
‘Go daughter, ‘m with you.’ She heard that gentle voice say. She smiled and looked at Mr.Alan as he had introduced himself. By the help of the knew that was not his name.
“We may go sir” she replied. She say a look of satisfaction mixed with lust and topped with sexual hunger in his eyes. Fear began to creep into her but she kicked it out by reminding herself of her covenant with God never to have sex till marriage. And God had also promised to help her fulfill that promise.
All the way through the lonely neighbourhood to the so-called Mr.Alan’s house, she battled with the fear that tried to get her to turn back.
Mr.Alan ushered her into his apartment and shut the door. Her heart began beating rapidly as she saw him take the key with him. He smiled and walked towards a room.
“Let me get her, just a second.” he said and walked in.
“Lord, please preserve me.” she mumbled.
Mr.Alan reappeared once again with a wicked smile and without clothes. She stared in horror as she saw him stark naked.
In all of her 21years of living, she had never ever seen a full grown man naked. She jumped to her feet and headed for the door even though she knew he had the keys. As she tried opening the door, she heard running feets behind her. She let out a scream but it came out only halfway, as Mr.Alan covered her mouth and fell her down. She struggled and fought with all her strength but he was stronger. He sent blows to her face till she was unconscious, then he ripped her clothes off.


In her unconscious state, she remembered God’s promise to her. She let out a tear as she felt Mr. Alan’s body move closer to her thigh.
‘Where was God’s faithfulness now?’ Was the last question she asked as the trumpet sounded and she was raptured away, leaving Mr. Ade alias Mr. Alan dumbfounded as he stared at the bare clothes of the girl he had nearly raped.

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