‘Was everyone sleeping?’ Was the only question on his mind as he noticed everyone had suddenly bean to sleep. It was only a 2hours journey and that was too short a time for everyone to sleep.
He noticed something and another question joined the first question and began to spread fear into his mind. The driver had just changed route and was driving into a thick bush which doubtlessly was not a shortcut. He began wondering what to do, he tried waking other people but they were all ‘frozen’ and ‘locked’ in the world of sleep.
He knew he was in for trouble if the driver found him awake, and unfortunately he was at the middle seat which was to far for him to jump out of the window. He knew he had to fake sleep or he was doomed. He lay his head forward on the rough wooden chair at his front and pretending to be asleep.


“Gbo gbo wan ti sun, mo tin gbe wan wa.” The driver suddenly said.(Translated as ‘All of them are asleep, am already bringing them’)
He didn’t need to look up to know that the driver was making a phone call. He immediately tried to make a phone call but the bus suddenly stopped and the door flew open. He quickly hid his phone and pretended to sleep. He heard quick movements, he peeped and saw hefty men lifting people one by one. He knew he was soon to go to a land of no return. He closed his eyes tightly and then he remembered he had Someone who could get him out of this big mess. He felt ashamed of not having called the Person since. He immediately did an emergency call with his supernatural phone and called his Father. Just as he finished making the call to his Father and gotten assurance from his Father, he was lifted and carried away by one of the kidnappers.
When he was dropped, he opened his eyes and saw that he was in a shrine. He saw them behead one of his fellow passengers and he couldn’t help from screaming.
“Jesus!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed. All eyes of the ritualist turned to him.
“How come he is not asleep?” One of them asked
“Kill him.” Another one said. He heard movement behind him.
“JESUS!!!!!!!” He screamed again but this time when he screamed, he screamed with authority and the whole place miraculously shook.
“Let him go o. Make sure none of his property remains here, he is contaminated.” He heard someone scream. Another person grabbed him.
“Jeje o. Take it easy o.” The man cautioned “Drive him to the road and make sure you don’t hurt him o. I don’t want trouble o. Be fast!”
And that was how he escaped from ritualists. That was how brother Wale had a testimony he can never forget.

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