He tries to hug me but I gently push him away and quickly say;
”Sorry, I don’t hug guys.”
”Hahaha. Why? What is there? Are you a lesbian?” he asks and laughs.
”It is personal. I don’t give myself cheap, I can’t let every guy enjoy what doesn’t belong to them.” i reply boldly. I wonder how me Shy-Anny is so bold.
“Stop behaving like a baby. Enjoy what? Is it not a brief hug.” he says and tries to hug me again. I push him away and gave him an angry-be careful- don’t try me look. He gets the message and frown. He opens his mouth to speak but I interrupt.
“Respect my wish or leave me alone. True friends respects each other. So please. If you can’t do without hug then stay away from Anny.” I say.
“All this one you are saying won’t last long. You would be the one begging for hug. Infact hugs. Just wait and see.” he says. I appreciate those words because I know it would make me stick to my pride and never want to be laughed at.
“If you can’t do without hugs then you have just one option.” I say and see his face brighten up.
“I said it. Why were you pretending. Come to papa joor.” he says and open his arms wide. I smile and walk towards him then semi-circle round him till I end at his back.
“The option is to ask God. My body belongs to Him. It is His temple. Just say ‘Father can i mess this your temple up?’ Then come and tell me the answer.” I say and walk away leaving him in a daze.
I stand for virtue & purity.

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