Smart had a job he loved
He worked diligently
He plowed mightily
He worked like a stallion
With all his strength, he worked
He also worked honestly. He never stole or took a thing.
Smart was just the example of a good worker.


But one day, a stranger came to the farm and asked Smart;
“Who is your Employer?”
“Ah. You need to meet Him. He gives the best. He has billions. He has…..” Smart kept talking of his master’s properties. The stranger just waited for Smart to finish talking then he said;
“I don’t still know your Master. You have only told me what he owns. Who is He and infact where is He?”
Smart began to scratch his head. He had no idea who or where his Master was?
He had never bothered to own a relationship with his Boss, all he had cared about was his work. And his pay.
Now here he was standing and looking like a fool before this stranger.
Do you know the God you work for? Walk before you work?

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