Love is more than a feeling, emotion, impression or reaction. Love is more of a spirit-spirit tie. It is more of a spirit joining. The physical part of love is to be experienced after there has already been a spirit to spirit joining. That is why breakups, fornication, masturbation etc is very disastrous. It damages your spirit a lot and causes a great instability in your life/spirit.
People tend to belive that love is from their heart, but love is not from the heart or body. What comes from the body is feeling(I.e Sense organs-skin), and what comes from the heart is emotions and thoughts. You may be wondering where love then comes from, it comes from the Spirit. From deep within our spirit, love comes.
No matter the kind of love, it has to all come from the spirit. Whether Friendship, family or marriage. Or the in-betweens. All has to come from the spirit.

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