Ok, my admission came and I was heart-dancing. God is good and faithful. Remember that I said in my last testimony that someone promised to send me my school fees.
Ok, I didn’t see the alert and the person confirmed that it has been sent. So, I took a trip to my bank, my own branch at Ikeja……….. I went there from office o.
Office in ikeja. So it was only a stone throw (depends on the ‘thrower’)
Ok, hope am not wasting time. Don’t be bored just read.
It took a while to confirm the bank transaction because I was not fully entitled to the account because I don’t have an I’d card to verify that am way past 18 tey tey.
Before I left for office, I was chatting with my elder brother (that naughty guy) and he said I would not see up more than 50k. But I remembered I had sown a little amount but big seed to mine’s new venue. I was expecting an harvest, and it was time to take it.
Ok, let me not make you bored. Well it took a lot of convincing and favour to let the customer service attendant tell me the amount. You know, all this bank procedures. Finally, she told me that my balance was 10+00+00naira. And for one of the first time ever, I smiled out of the bank.  Now tell me, aint my God faithful.

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