It was broad daylight, she checked her wristwatch and was oppourtuned to see it go from 11:59 to 12:00. She walked up the stairs to Mayowa’s house. She had been friends with Mayowa for years and he was just like a brother to her. He had called her to come urgently and she wondered why.
As she got to the door and prepared to knock, the door opened. He must have been watching her from the window. He ushered her in quickly and sat closely beside her.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Am not fine, baby.” he said, he was used to calling her sweet names.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“There is something, i need to show you.” he said and got up. He offered her a hand and she took it, he began to lead her to a direction she had never gone. He was heading to his bedroom. She stopped at the door and frowned.
“Don’t you trust me.” he said and smiled slightly. She knew she could trust him but she never stepped close to guys rooms. She heard a voice in her head telling her to stick to her values and go back to the couch. But another voice was saying otherwise. She agreed to the latter.
‘Mayowa is like my brother, i trust him.’ she said. Mayowa tugged at her hand and she nodded. She stepped into his room and he pointed at something covered with white cloth. She conciously stepped close to it and pulled of the covering, she saw a bottle of red wine and two glass cups with a little card with ‘I love you’ written on it in red. Her heart began to beat and beat more faster when she heard the door close and lock behind her. She turned with a frown and faced Mayowa. It had to be a joke. But his face showed his intentions. He stared at her lustfully. She began feeling irritated as she felt his piercing eyes on her body. She felt a little comfort as she remembered that she never dressed exposively, all he could see was the shape of her body with no flesh.
“What is all this?” she said angrily.
“I have always wanted you, i love you and want to prove it now.” he said.
“Love? Prove? How?” she asked.
“Sex, darling. Don’t be so naive.” he said and winked.
“Stop all this rubbish and let me go. Sex is not the proof of love and you know that. Christ would never do what you are doing.” she said, hoping he would calm at the mention of the name of the Lord. She began cautiously walking towards him and the door. He stepped away to give her access to the door, but he threw something on the bed. She turned to see that it was the key. She immediately realized what he intended doing, it was from a movie they had both watched together. She was to go and try to get the key while he pounced on her. She knew she was in for doom. All her body was trembling, she was filled with fear. Tears began flowing from her eyes.
“Please don’t do this, you know that i am a virgin and saving myself for marriage.” she said.
“I would marry you.” he said sternly and emotionlessly.
“You won’t, you just want to satisfy your flesh then you would forget me and go for variety. Don’t let the devil use you.” she said. She noticed he was stepping closer with style, so she fled to the back. She picked up the wine bottle and stared at him fiercely.
“Don’t you dare!!!” she screamed.
“You won’t do that would you? What if i die?” he said as he continued advancing.


“Try me.” she said and readied herself to strike. He dashed for her and she attempted to hit him but he outsmarted her and caught the bottle. She immediately fled from him and ran to his bathroom. She shut the door, luckily the key was behind, so she locked it. He began banging the door from the outside.
“You can’t stay there forever, can you?” he asked.
“Long enough to make a few calls.” she said and searched for her phone.
“You left you phone on my couch.” he said and laughed wickedly. She knew he was right and she began to sob.
“Well, your urge would soon die and you would be sane.” she said.
“One look at you and i would be insane. Do you know how long have been dying to bed you? Just make this easy and lets end it. Sex is not that bad.” he said.
“You snake, with all what you have preached and heard, you dare say premarital sex is not bad?” she yelled.
“Shut up and get out of there before i break the door down.” he said. She immediately glanced at the door and sighed when she realized its thickness. She looked all around her. His bathroom was small and neat. Her eyes caught a magazine with the picture of a nude girl. She saw several more sex magazines. She immediately realized that lust has been eating had been eating him up and maybe because of his position as a leader, he had refused to ask for help. Which was a stupid thing to do?
Something struck the door and the door broke a little. Her heart began to beat very fast and loudly. She came to realisation that her strength could not save her, so she went on her knees and prayed.
“It is not by power nor by might but by Thine spirit o Lord. Help me. In Jesus name. Amen.” she prayed hurriedly. She began praying in the Holy Ghost as Mayowa broke down the door. She prayed without opening her eyes even when she heard him step beside her. She expected him to grab her but he didn’t, she continued praying in the spirit and crying unto God.
“Get out witch.” she heard Mayowa yell. She opened her eyes briefly to see his angry face. She got up, still praying and walked to the room, picked the keys, opened the door and stepped out. She was out of his house door when he regained conciousness and yelled.
“What happened?” he heard him yell from inside. She immediately took to her heels, leaving her phone behind.
And that is her testimony of how she lost her phone and not her virginity.
N:B: It is not by power nor by might but by God’s Spirit.

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