She lay unconscious on the floor, surrounded by the three attackers. She had fought them with all her strength but they had overpowered her and knocked her out with punches. She had had no idea the gentlemen and the cab driver could turn so brutal. She had boarded the taxi innocently and had gotten kidnapped and now, she was about to be raped.
She caught blurry vision of the men taking off their clothes. Her own clothes had not yet be taken off, but she knew it was only a matter of minutes before all that would change.


“Any last word before you are raped and killed?” one of the men who had just finished removing all his clothes said.
She taught of it, she new only one word that meant a whole lot to her. It was not just a word but it was also a name.
“Jesus.” She said and smiled. Immediately after she said it, she went unconscious.
“Stupid girl, lets finish her. Tear her clothes.” Ade said to his friend, but none of his friends moved. He turned and stared at them in shock.
“Did you hear her?” Akin asked.
“Of course i did. So?” Ade replied, angrily.
“Have never seen anyone say that word so confidently.” Ali, the third member of Crime-A, said. They had named themselves Crime-A because their names all started with letter ‘A’ and they were into crime.
“Baba, forget that thing. Me go do this one tire.”Ade, the leader said.
“Count me out.” Akin said.
“Yeah, and me.” Ali said.
“Una don dey craze. After all we had gone through to kidnap this bae.” Ade said angrily.
“Am in the car.” Akin said and walked away. Ali nodded and followed Akin as they left. Ade hissed loudly and stepped closer to the girl, he was about to touch her when he heard a voice.
“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” the Voice said. He jumped and stared around in fear but he saw no one. Fear filled him as he realized no man was miles near him, he picked up his clothes and ran after his partners. He said nothing as he started their vehicle.
“We are not leaving her here in this forest, we must return her home or where we met her.” Ali said.
“What?!!! You dey mad. That is none of my business.”Ade said and ignited the car’s engine. But a steady blow hit him in the head. He turned to face Akin but another punched hit him. Ade quickly reached for his gun and was about to shoot when he heard a gunshot. Not from his gun, nor from his friends gun but from behind them. The bullet had struck Ade in the chest.
“Hands up.” he heard someone shout. He turned slowly to see some local security men but he only saw them for a few seconds before he went blank and dead.

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