For a while have been debating whether or not to use my writing talents for competitions, and recently I have submitted essays for two different competitions. Of which the below is the second essay,
I CAN FEEL THE MOTION PICTURES by Oluwatosin David Danlami-Adams

        Technology has gone really wide in this past century and it would sure keep broadening. Or perhaps the word soaring would be better. Technology is something that can’t remain static because the human world depends on it. We depend on it for communication (handsets, network and others), household chores (vacuum cleaner etc), entertainment (TV sets, computer games etc) and so on. 

        If we check the growth of technology and which  technology is appreciated the most, we would see the ‘line of growth’ rising at the entertainment sector. Entertainment and technology go a very long way together. If technology was to be wiped from the entertainment industry, we would notice a very deep gully which could perhaps lead to the downfall of technology. 

        Technology has been a very amazing help in the entertainment industry, we have seen wider TV screens for better viewing, Internet services, cameras for splendid movie shooting, computers and softwares to help with editing and more, and a lot more.

In the movie industry, technology has gone very wide. It has helped with better movie productions, better screen delivery/viewing, more comfortable cinemas and more.

Movie production is important in our world today, and it has to be paid more keen interest to as it involves all age groups. This is an area that if technology companies pay more interest into would yield them a whole lot of profits.

I propose that companies pour more resources into making cameras, softwares, studio equipments and other tools easier to use, cheaper to buy (which could be of help to growing moviemakers) and also more advanced.

        But, I place my keen interest on the development of a technology that may sound absurd and impossible but nothing seems impossible in the world we are today. We just have to place more attention to it.

The movie indutry deals more with letting viewers feel the emotions, pain etc of the characters, so therefore I propose the making of a ‘sense/feel’ Television. 

        This could help us sense what the characters are feeling and not just let us assume with a 50-50 probability. This would be an exciting technology and a mind blowing one. It would also be very profitable, as people would love to spend any amount to get it. This technology could also be used in the telecommunication industry and other aspects also, but I think it would be more appreciated in the movie industry. 100 percent of people would love to feel what they are watching on the TV sets.

        If this is accomplished the world would remain at a standstill for whosoever company is able to accomplish this. This technology would certainly be one of the most spectacular new development of this century. Everyman would take his hats off for this.

But that would only be if we could sense what we watch. I would really love a world where I can feel the motion pictures, would you? 

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