Boss of musicDeep man of God

An amazingly humble man

Very wise and brilliant

A man dilligently chasing his dream

A man with a heart of service

Willing to give and help

A cheerful man to be with

He remains ever so amazing

He remains ever so unique and special

He remains Egbon Sanya


# Sonya #TrueFriends
Gentle young man

Brilliant and smart

Wise and intelligent

A talented young man

With the power of words

He remains a man with a great h eart

A heart filled with love and kindness

He remains the odd Felix

#OddFelix #TrueFriends
Very gentle and calm

A good speaker

A very wise and bright youngwoman

A lady of great inner worth

A lady of great values

A lady with a bright future

With a beautiful heart

With a glorious destiny ahead

A lady with so much within her

A great woman of strong influence

A super woman in the making

She remains the ever-rising Ms.Ella

#Ella #TrueFriends
A dear friend

Who sees with the eyes of insight

A woman with great wisdom

A lady of influence

A tender heart serving the Lord

An humble and teachable lady

A lady with amazing treasures

Following he r dreams so diligently

A lady of greatness

A woman of purpose

Someone i can and would always boast of

#Tega #TrueFriends
Amazing lady

Greatly composed

Responsible and smart

Intelligent and quite brilliant

Adorable and unique

Truly wonderful

A pleasant lady to meet

Someone with a beautiful heart

Someone with an amazing personality 

A true friend worth having

# ToviaDaniel #TrueFriends


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