Correct guyVery unique

A w onderful guy

Cheerful and bright

Smart and intelligent

Open and friendly

With a great personality

With an awesome mindset

He remains a respectable an d true friend

He remains Simtong Jacobs

# Ceejay

# SimtongJacobs #TrueFriends
This amazing guy

A cheerful giver

Very friendly and open

Nice and exceedin gly kind

A man with a great personality

With a great IQ and mindset

Very brilliant and sound

A business man

Very industrious and innovative

This guy is worth the meet

He is an amazing true friend


# ElijahChibuike #TrueFriends

Woman of God

Chorister and worshipper

A very smart and intelligent young woman

A super reader 

An amazing friend you could have

She remains so so unique and special

She remains a blessed woman

Someone with a h eart of service

Someone with a great heart and personality

# OasisOfLoveChurch

# Damilola #TrueFriends
There remains something special about her

She is quite an amazi ng person

A great leader

An awesome teacher; great at explaining

A business lady

A lady with a special calling

With a super cool heart

A heart so dedicated to God

A heart of love and service

She is a wonderful person to meet

# OasisOfLoveChurch

# Sis.Grace #TrueFriends
 A wonderful lady 

Amazing and precious

Someone with a wonderful personality

With great heart and a super mind

An awesome speaker

A great leader you could see in her

A woman of supreme values

A woman loaded with great treasures

Filled with the Spirit of God

She remains a wonder

She remains Ms.Damilola

# DamilolaOlaiya #TrueFriends


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