A great manA man with a great mind and heart

A man who thinks greatly

A lover of God

A true worshipper

An awesome person to meet

A cheerful giver

A man that loves helping

This is a brother

A true friend and brother so loaded with blessings

T his is a man am so proud of

#PeterDuamanang #TrueFriends

This amazing man

A brother in the faith

Met him years ago

But till date I can never forget words he spoke

Wise words from a truly wise man

A man sold out to God

A man given out to the gospel

A man of integrity and diligence

A man with a purpose and great destiny

A well disciplined and diligent man

A man who has and still will ma ke a great difference

He is a true Christian, brother and friend

# LfcOta 

# Bro.Stanley #TrueFriends
My padi

A man with a good heart

Brilliant and intelligent

Quite an amazing friend

A friend with a purpose

A bro and unique guy

This guy is someone that you did love to meet

He is smart and sharp

He talks sensibly and well

H e just is so different and truly unique

#Nicholas #TrueFriends

A wonderful lady

Quite very amazing 

Someone with a great heart

With a superb personality

A very talented young lady

With a whole lot of treasures

She remains very unique and special

She is wise and intelligent

She remains a dear friend

And a true one

# AdejokeFaseyi #TrueFriends

A cheerful lady

So wonderful to mee t

With a pure heart and cool nature

Splendid personality and great values

Bold and strong is she

Very friendly and jovial

Very smart and intelligent

A woman of virtue and value

How great a treasure she is

Yea, how wonderful a friend and sister

# Yankat

# CynthiaDipnap #TrueFriends

Amazing lady

So so talented

Dedicated to her call

Wonderful to meet

A great heart

A lady of great values

Of a unique personality

Of an amazing character

Jovial and fun to be with

Knowing her such great addition

She is truly amazing

# EmilyEdidong #TrueFriends


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