Smiles for herAn overly wonderful friend

A friend of great addition

A true friend and sister

Someone you would love to meet

Never met her physically

But through the distance, she has remained amazing

She is a motivator and encourager

She is a unique and special lady

She is a lady with a great future ahead

A lady with so much treasures

A lady of great worth.

An adorable and admirable young woman. 


I did better forcefully stop before I overwrite

# Chi-PraiseBasil #TrueFriends

A great young man

A funny guy

Very simple and true

A friend you can lean on

A good padi

A man with a great heart

An amazing personality and character

Unique and different

A man of greatness

A man with a great future and destiny

An amazing guy

A true padi

# DanielYaro #TrueFriends

Handsome youngman

Gentle and calm

Bright and sharp

Very talented and skilled

A man with a purpose

A man chosen by a great dream

A diligent young man

A man I respect and honor

A wise man

A great padi


# Emmanuel #TrueFriends

Years of friendship with this guy

He is an amazing friend

A smart and bright young man

A brilliant man indeed

A man who loves learning

A strong young man

A man with great strength

A man with wisdom

A man with a large heart

A true friend

#DimejiSobande #TrueFriends

Cheerful young man

Quite fun to be with

A lovely young man

An adorable guy

Willing to learn

Friendly and open

A game boss

A fashion king

Yet a wise man

Smart and brilliant

A man with an amazing character

With a wonderful personality

A true friend

# Nanfwan #TrueFriends

The boss himself

Fashion king

Game star

Wise young man

Brilliant and wise

With a good heart

A good listener

A cheerful guy

Fun to be with

Humble and meek

With splendid character and personality

A true friend indeed

# Nanjwang #TrueFriends


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