Gentle ladyBut very smart and sharp

Brilliant and intelligent

With a great IQ

Talented and sk illed

A lady that is who she wants to be

Pursuing her dreams diligently

Fighting to be there

A pure spirited young woman

Tough but with a tender heart

She remain so so so amazing

She is someone I respect so much

She remains a great friend indeed

# UnijosPals

# Princess #TrueFriends
The chief himself

The Fashion boss

An aplaudable young man

Brilliant and bright

Man with a positive attitude

With a unique style

A responsible youngman

A man of wisdom

A man of ‘dedication’

A man who I respect and salute

A great pal

This amazing youngman

Very unique and splendid

Given to his dreams

A great reader and listener

Very gentle and calm

Very brilliant and intelligent

Overly smart

Not affected by the cares of the world

A great chef

A cheerful giver

Kind and caring

Salutes for this man

He is a great guy to know

#DavidDent #TrueFriends

Amazing guy

Diligent and good at what he does

A great dream chaser

Making ways and waves

A funny young man

A man with the power of leadership

With great instincts and IQ

Brilliant, smart and intelligent

 He remains a super guy

# Itech

# Ahmed #TrueFriends

The director himself

A man with vision and dream

With a great insight

With wisdom and smartness

A friendly and open man

A man with sureness of success

With a great destiny and future

This is a man I have come to respect

A man you could learn a lot from

A true and great leader

A true and excellent director

# AtundaPlayhouse

# Atunda #TrueFriends
A lady I so so respect

A woman I admire

A lady that I salute

She is a very responsible lady

With a great character

With a super attitude

With a large heart for God

With a splendid lifestyle

With a good heart

Very considerate and caring

With a heat of love

She remains a proverbs 31 woman

# OyindaFatusin #TrueFriends


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