Amazing young manFilled with great treasures

A man set to manifest

A man filled with light

A man that has the ability to change the world

A growing and rising youngman

He is a great guy to meet

And he is an amazing pal

# EmanuelOgbijoko #TrueFriends
Diligent a nd disciplined

Smart and quick

Amazing and wonderful

She possess a good heart

A soft and tender soul

An awesome per sonality

She is quite unique and different

She is a woman of great virtues

She is splendid

She is a sister and a close friend

She is Salo-Salomi

# SalomeOgbijoko #TrueFriends
A young girl of faith

A growing unique lady

A wise young one

Talented and gifted

Hewn with creativity

A lady with a glorious destiny

 She is so so unique

She is precious gem

One with a great and bright destiny

She is Ms.Faith

# FaithOgbijoko #TrueFriends
A young lady

Walking toward s her goal

An amazing young lady

She is has got a great heart

A really bold one

She is a fun loving person

She is someone that you would love to meet

She is a lis tener

She possess a whole lot of goodness

In her are raw treasures awaiting finishing

With each right step, she steps closer to a great destiny.

# OchuaSanni #TrueFriends
Gentle youngman

A great talker

Clean spirit

Open to advices

An amazing list ener

A truly brilliant guy

Very brilliant and intelligent

This guy is a unique man

Very unique and special

A great man with a great destiny

A great brother and a great friend

# AyodeleAlfred #TrueFriends
Beautiful amazing friend

Gentle and calm

Very open an d friendly

Disciplined and discent

She remains so unique

She has got a grea t and beautiful heart

She is quite a light to her surrounding

She is a lady you did always love spending time with

She is Ms.Nike Adeshewa

# NikeAdeshewa #Bola-Ahmed

# NikeBola-Ahmed #TrueFriends

Amazin g young lady

Friendly and open

Smart and bright

B rilliant and wise

With a great personality

With great talents

With an amazing character

She is so splend id and unique

So different and special

An outstanding young lady

A dear friend and sister

Someone that i respect so much.

This is my sister named Vero

# VeronicaEdet #TrueFriends
An amazing youngman

Brilliant, bright and sharp

A very wise man

With a g reat IQ

A wonderful friend that never forgets you

A great encourager

A man of understanding

A man with the Spirit of excellence

A unique and special youngman

A great man in the rising

A true friend and brother

# CharlesC #TrueFriends
Responsible and reserved young man

A man dilligently chasing his dreams

A talented and worded man

A man with a great IQ

A man that is so unique and splendid

An amazing young man

With a gre at perso nality and character

A true friend and a true brother

# EmmanuelEdim #TrueFriends


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