To a princessWith sweetness and greatness

With an adorable heart

Quite so gifted and talented

Different, special and unique

A gem

A precious one

One with a great message

Vwede is her name

#VwedeEmeni #TrueFriends
Great young man

Great IQ

Brilliant and intelligent

A man with a purpose to fulfill

An outstanding young man

Unique and different

This a man with the ability to shake the world

This is Rukewe Emeni

#RukeweEmeni #TrueFriends
Young and Smart

Brilliant and intelligent

Bold and courageous

Daring and tough

With a heart that speaks kindness 

He has a combino of greatness and treasures

#VwenaEmeni #TrueFriends
Young boy with great destiny

A whole great future lays infront of him

A powerful y oungman

Wise and Brig ht

Powerful IQ

Gentle and calm

Growing with the strength of an eagle

Young but Great

#KomeEmeni #TrueFriends


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