Real guyUnique personality

Fun to be with and jovial

A talented young man

With gifted hands

A man with great dreams

With a great future and destiny

A true pal and padi

#CalebNnam #TrueFriends

This amazing man of God 

Sososo diverse

Skilled and talented

A very wise man

A man that motivates and inspires you

He is a very deep wise gem

A man with a soft heart for the gospel

Sold out to God

Sold out to moving the gospel

Always smiling

Yea, smiling from within

A man full of goodness

Filled with great inner treasures

A million things left unsaid about him

His is a man set to rock our world

A man that would make the world dance

Dance to the rhythm of his talking drum

This is a man I sincerely love and respect

A man gladly write so ‘longly’ for

This is Sir.Egbon AY

# Sir.Ayoakajero #TrueFriends


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