Talented manA talker










His description goes on and on

He is an amazin g guy to know

And quite a friend indeed

# BenjaminAsiama #TrueFriends
Smart guy

Talented and skilled

A man with dreams

A man with leadership quality

A great speaker

Good communicator

Cool spirited but a fighter

An amazing guy to meet

A real guy and true one

# CinematographyClass

# Bolaji #TrueFriends

A man with a difference

With a special calling

With great talents and skills

A great leader

A super teacher

An amazing dancer

A visioner 

A man with a heart for God

A man sold to the spread of the gospel

A real man and a great man

This is a man that has blessed lives

A man that still blesses lives

A man truly called

# Bo bmoses #TrueFriends

Gentle man

Responsible and smart

Amazing character and personality

Very talented and gifted

A man with a ‘bright’ future

With a great destiny ahead

A man given to the gospel

A great dresser 

A smart looking handsome guy

Good in and out

What is on his inside reflects on his outward

A true friend indeed

# MineCalabar

# Bright #TrueFriends

A wonderful man

Funny and jovial

Very smart and brilliant

An intelligent man with a great IQ

An amazing teacher

With di vine wisdom

With a unique personality

A man with inner joy

With a good heart

A lot remains unsaid about him

But he is a treasured scroll

# Bro.Jason #TrueFriends

An intelligent and smart man

A man with a great IQ

Very brilliant and sharp

A splendid entrepreneur

A marketer and sales boss

A man with vision and dreams

With a great heart

An aplaudable talker

A humble man

Friendly and open

He is an amazing man to meet

He is Mr.Dikach

# Innocent #TrueFriends


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