Boss of wordsWorded and anointed youngman

Wise and smart

Creative and innovative

A ver y talented pal

He is just so unique in his ways

He is a man so blessed

A man with a special anointing

A trustworthy and respectible person

He possess a great character

And he has a super personality

He is a wonderful bro and friend

# Ifeanyi #TrueFriends
Talented woman of virtue

Deep and worded 

Wise and intelligent

A lady grounded in Christ

So sold out to t he gospel

A responsible lady

Very friendly and open

A lady i so so respect

She is some one with great potentials

Super inner worth

She remains ever great.

 #Quenette #TrueFriends
Gentle boss

Talented young man

Different and so so unique

A highly responsible man

With an awesome personality

And a superb chara cter

And a big heart for God

A heart filled with kindness and goodness

He is an amazing son of God

# RaphealGodwin #TrueFriends
A friendly guy

Hardly forgets his budd ies

Sincere and truthful to his pals

He is an amazing youngman

With a grea t heart

Filled innerbeauty and goodness

Ever so wonderful

He is a man of both inner and outer strength

He is a man of valour

A man with a great destiny

A ma n who would change the cause of history

# Innocent

# PeterPercy #TrueFriends

She is unique

Splendid and different

She is beautiful

Fashionable and admirable

She is Worded

Deep and wise

She is Talented

Gifted and loaded

She is a dynamic lady

She is someone i respect

She is someone i tip my hat for

She is indeed blessed

She is a sister in the Lord

And she is Osigwe Chidinma

# ChidinmaOsigwe #TrueFriends
Deep woman of God

Worded sister in the Lord

Wise lady of the faith

Loaded with great ness

She is so so special

So so unique and different

Talented and loaded

She is a bomb that would rock our wor ld

She is someone that i do admire

She is Blessed

And she is Ms.Precious!

#PreciousCharles #TrueFriends


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