Great womanWoman with great values

Talented lady

Great Chef preparing amazing meals

A gentle and res erved youngwoman

A wise and smart lady

A loving woman of God

She remains very responsible

This is a very unique and wonderful lady

A lady that i so so respect

Even though she still owes me some yummies


# Sis.Grace #Tru eFriends
A responsible young woman

Calm and gentle

Wise and intelligent

A woman of purpose

A woman of virtues

A woman with great values

A young woman of greatness

She is a s uper unique lady

She is an amazing person to meet

# MineAkure

#Sis.Adeola #TrueFriends
My own dearest padi

My swee t friend

My clique-sister

A great lady to meet

Beautiful and wonderful

Loving and caring

Amazing and charming

Sometimes an introvert

Sometimes an extrovert

A unique and special lady

Different and special

An amazing sister

Someone i love like a biologic ally sister

Sh e remains a great friend

A friend that puts smiles on my face

A great FRIEND!!!!!!!


#Victoria #TrueFriends
Meet him few times

But those few times revealed a great man

A man with supergreatness

A man with a vision and purpose

A man with a great IQ

Brilliant and smart

A very unque&wonderfully-made youngman


#Tomiwa #TrueFriends


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