Unique and specialA woman filled wisdom

A woman of great values

 A woman of worth

She is amazing and wonderful

She is a wonderful lady to meet

Ve ry reserved and responsible

With a heart of service

A lady of splendidness

With great treasures in her soul

God’s own precious daughter

A wonderful and graced woman indeed

# Grace #TrueFriends
Wonderful calm lady

Very gentle and reserved

A very talented young woman

A woman of great values

Of super inner worth

Beyond her gentle face is a great light

She is an adorable and respectable woman

She remains ever so special

She is a woman of glory

#Abigail #TrueFriends
Padi mi

A precious friend

Amazing and ever so unique

Special and splendid

Kind and so helpful

Always willing to help

She is a friend what friends

A friend that i do love and treasure

A friend with a whole lot of great talents

A true friend indeed

#Rhoda(Togo) #TrueFriends
A very frien dly man

 A cheerful gi ver

A man of intergrity

A wise man

A man with an heart of gold

A man i so love and respect

This only a brief description of him

Of this great and amazing man

This man of great inner worth

He is just so loaded


# MichealAkingbade #TrueFrie nds

My guy

A talented man of God

A very amazing youngman

A ma n born to make a difference

A man with a great destiny

A man with super wisdom

A so so unique, special and great youngman

My special brother and a true one

A man i sincerely love and respect


#Samuel #TrueFriends


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