Amazing brotherWith the sparkles

He remains a cheerful youngman

A wonderful heart has he

He is a great listener

A man of insight

A man of wisdom 

A man filled with knowledge

A rising business tycon

A youngman with a great mindset

With a pure and right heart

A boss and king in his prime

A true reigning brother

# JohnYakubu #TrueFriends
A simple lady


She is just herself

She is an amazing listener

Great to always chat with

Also a very talented young lady

A woman of virtue and innervalues

A coloured and beautiful lady

She remains victorious in all

She is Victory

# MineSisterly

# Victory #TrueFriends
Responsible and hardworking

A great talker

A lady with great inner values

A tough youngwoman

Vying for the best

Striving for the top

She remains unique and so different

She remains herself

She remains Joke-personified

# JokeOgunjobi #TrueFriends
She is smart

Brilliant and wi se

With an amazing heart

Cool headed

Cool to be around

A lady of great inner worth

A woman of virtue

Of great values

She remains the wonderful person she is

# Evelyn #TrueFriends
My amazing brother

A wise and smart man

A dynamic youngman

Responsible and reliable

Unique and wonderfu lly made

Of great masterwork

A man of purpose and vision

A man given to his destiny

He is an amazing youngman

You’d love hanging around him

He is a wonderful bro i respect so much

He is a true friend and brother

# Henry #TrueFriends
Gentle and calm

Very u nique and special

A great friend

A good l istener

A wise and brilliant youngman

With a heart of greatness

With seeds of goodness in him

A man with a pure heart and mind

A great and mighty man of valour

He goes after his destiny with strength

He is a man with an ability to shake the world

# Douglas #TrueFriends
Surest padi!

A cheerful and jovial youngman

A man with wisdom and understanding

A happy and cheerful giver

A man of sacrifice

With a heart of lov e

With a mind of visions

With a soul of greatness

With a spirit of uniqueness

A man with a glorious futur e

This is a youngman well-respected

This is Mr.KenC

# Padi

# Kenneth #TrueFiends
Unique guy

With brains and sense

Wise and very intelligent

With an amazing personality

With great dreams and vision

Remains unproud and friendly

A smooth talker 

Fun to be around

He remains boss of his regime

# GymInstructor

# Micheal #TrueFriends
Young and growing

Wonderful and beautiful

Smart and bright

With so much greatness and power

With a great destiny

She i s a joy to behold

A unique young gir l

A true Queen rising so steadily

# EstherAdigun #TrueFriends
Fun to be around

A wonderful young boy

With seeds of greatness

You could see the leader in him

The man of valour he would be

The wonders he would perform

The triumphant battles of victories he would win

In him lies so much greatness and power

In him lies the power of the Lord

Working so majestically in him

This is a Majestic young boy

This is a new age King David

# DavidAdigun #TrueFriends
Personal padi

My sure bro

Great friend

Always a friend and brother

Humble and meek

In telligent and sharp

With a heart of service

With a pure spirit

Wonderful heart and soul

With no spots

A truly unique brother

# MineBrother #MineFamily

# EmmaSabiBoy #TrueFriends
Gentle and calm

A very responsible younglady

A woman of worth and virtue

A lady with a purpose

A lady with a great heart

With beauty within her

With a glowing heart

She is a queen in her prime

She is a wonderful sister

So so wonderfully made

So so unique

She is Ms.NobleQueen

# NobleQueen #TrueFriends
Waited a long while to know her

Finally meet this amazing lady

Quite so talented, gifted and skilled

So unique and special

With great inner beauty like a flower

With zeal burning like a fire

With wonderful valu es like saphire

She is an amazing lady you gat to meet

A g reat lady with beauty in her

She remains ever so blessed

She remains Emily Sign atures.


# MineFamily #TrueSister 

# EmilyEdidong #TrueFriends
Smart looking

Bright and adorable

Carries herself well

A intelligent talker

Wonderfully made

Amazing character

A unique lady

Different and specially made

She is an amazing person

She remains TOLANI!

# TolaniKeshiro #TrueFriends
A young woman

Gentle and calm

Never talks too much

Always reserved

Very responsible

Two ways beauty

Beautiful in and out

She has a whole lot of treasures

She remains a force

A great force th at could erupt someday

She remains Ms.Mariam Kogbodoku

# MariamKogbodoku #TrueFriends
Personal Padi!

Sure bro

We have known for quite a long while

And he has remained a great friend for quite a long time

This guy is a strong man

A great man in the making

An amazing and awesome guy

A true Soldier

He is a man so blessed, a man filled with blessings

He is Unique, special, amazing and lots more

He is just so modest

He is a gem and a indeed a rare gem

# OladimejiSobande #TrueFriends
An amazing and wonderful lady

Gentle and relaxed

A unique lady

With a sweet heart

Beautiful and good looking

With good sense and intelligence 

A woman of great virtues

A younglady with amazing potentials

A young lady with lots of inner values

A lady of Dinstinction

# Adetoro #TrueFriends
A leader

Amazing young man

Fun loving

Dream chaser

Man of strength

Man of intelligence

A man with deposited values

Inbuilt treasures and gift

A man so wonderfully made

A man with a great future ahead

A man meant to reign

A man named Lanre King

# LanreKing #TrueFriends
Brilliant and intelligent

Bright and smart

A man with an amazing personality

A true friend like a bro

He remains a good man

A man of integrity and discipline

A man given to his future

A man after his vision

A very amazing bro

A victorious youngman.

# Victor #TrueFriends
Friendly and open

Very jovial

A unique lady

She remains a friend

An intelligent young woman

A giver and cheerful at it

A lady that pursues her dream

And a good talker 

 A woman of virtue filled with intelligence

Filled with great brilliance

A smart young lady

A very good listener

A woman ready to listen to advice

In her is a lot of goo dness to be revealed

She is filled with great treasures and deposits

She is an amazing lady

I repect and honour her as a fr iend and sister

# Princess #TrueFriends
I have always admired this guy

Though i har dly show it

He seems so deep and in another realm

When he speaks, you could see a whole lot of wisdom

He is a completely wise person

He is a wonderful man

A man with a whole lot in him

I respect this guy a great deal

And i earnest love his relationship with God

He is more than i can surely write

He is more than this words

He is a unique, different and amazing brother

And he is Jerrow_miah the poet

# Jerry #Miah

# JeremiahIbasebo #TrueFriends
Faith complex!

He taught me that topic

And till today i cant forget

This man has been a great force in my life

He has helped lay a foundation of faith

He has been a great blessing to me

And to s everal others

God bless and prosper you sir!

# PastorIdokoIdachaba #TrueFriends
Padi mi

Bestie Aye

This amazing sister

She has remained a treasu red friend

An amazing sister

With super qualities

She is someone i love and respect

She is a true sister

She is just so so Bestieeeeeee

This is my Valued sister,

Named Amarachukwu

# Amarachi #TrueSister

# GraceAugustine #True Friends
Rapper man

A great friend

Unforgetting bro

D iligently chasing his dreams

An amazing brother in the faith

A true king

A great man born to reign

The son of a King

The son of the king of kings

A whole lot of treasures have been deposited in him

He is a true man of God

He is my dear brother, Adeyemi Peter

# DearBrother #MineTM

# AdeyemiPeter #TrueFriends
Big boss!

A gent le man

An humble man

A man with an outstanding character

A man that is good at what he does

A man that serves diligently

Ever-willing to serve

Ever-willing to teach

A very unique and special man

With a whole lot of deepness

He is a completely unique man of God

# Sir.Alex #MediaMan

# AlexAderemi #TrueFriends
Hmmm……. Ms.Curry

Has a whole lot of energy

A great driving force

A powerful zeal

And sh e is also very wise

A tough spirited lady 

Never gives up easily

She is an amazing lady in the faith

A triumphant young l ady

She is someone i respect a whole lot

Someone I value

Few words doeth I write about this great woman

This sister that loves advici ng a whole lot

# Courageous Ugbe #TrueFriends
This amazing young man

Gentle and calm

Very friendly and open

He speaks a whole lot,

But his speech never la cks wisdom

An eager heart

A wonderful soul

A good Spirit

A very willing heart

He is ever ready to learn

He is just the best of the bestest

He is a man with a vision and goal

He is a man with a supergreat destiny

# AdamsAbudu #TrueFriends


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