February 18th,2018
In as much as i know and need to be saved, a force drags me back and makes me desire to remain in my sins.
Forgive me Lord for the countless time. Am sorry o Lord.
If I have the chance to break this shackles then I would in this my sane moment.
Thank You Father.



Swelling like dough mixed with yeast
Revealing a hidden beast
Transforming to the lesser you
Ready to break bricks and rods
Then the rage comes
And we loose it all
Then the rage goes
Then regret stays
The a new rage rises
Rage at yourself.


February 17th, 2018
I feel like an hypocrite. What I stand against is what I do.
I am subject to my desires and I have löst the will to battle it.
I just live on with it.
Lord take full control.
If only Thou would give me understanding of Thy Word. Then would I be saved.
Send Your salvation o Lord.


Same sand that makes my feet dusty
Same water that flushes away waste
Same old street that it all happens
Same street it is manufactured
Dusty sand and sweeping water
Becoming slimy and ugly
Making tough roads to cross
Causing harder scrubs to the shoe
Leaving tyres stuck
Yes causing angry remarks
Thats the power of two!


Beautiful looks
Attractive and beckoning
Sometimes with a nice smell
If you buy one
Or two
To enjoy its taste
But what if it tastes awful?
What if it is so bitter?
With a sour feel on the tongue?
What if you have to spit it out?
Would it still remain a candy?
Would you still want to buy that candy?


White paper
Ink untouched
Pencil not sharpened
No colours
All white
With no stains
With no markings
All blank pages
All mind pages
Not understanding what to do
Not knowing what to say
Just remaining BLANK!


Wash me of in the oceans
Then my dirt would go
And I would remain clean
And my garment would be white
But what would take away this ugliness
This ugliness that plagues my soul
That eats up my inside
That tears my soul in pieces
Yes, I can wash away the dirt
But what about the ugliness?
If would remain ever still