I heard sex was my problem! But it wasnt, the bad intake was. I had taken in a lot of junk that my flesh wanted to express. I had lots of preview that played whenever a girl gave me that breaking chance.

Like a scientist, I had lots of mixing to do. But the problem is I never arrive at that perfect mixture, or perhaps I have no idea what the perfect mixture is. So I keep mixing till I get exhausted and begin to regret.

Countless practicals have ensued and I have wasted lots of ‘chemicals’ living them in a compound state not able to be filtered.

Now I do not rejoice in this but express the outmost sadness about this. But we better get educated before we mix another wrong chemical in the wrong laboratory.


I began to grow only corn in my garden, roses never appealed to me anymore.
So the next tender rose I met, I treated like the corn. I used every corn treatment, but it could not walk on a rose.
And when I realized a rose was growing, i began to pour water in my garden. But it was too late, the rose died.


After the first rose died, it took about four years for another rose to grow in the wilderness of my heart. Loving another was tough.
I loved no one, I trusted no one.
So the rose did not bloom so well.
Another rose grew but the hands that touched the rose was too much, so it died.
After its death, I grew no roses anymore.


I tried to shape my life after the image I saw all around, I was young and wanted to be among.
So when the opportunity came around, give me a thousand reasons why I should say no to Cassy.
Cassy was one of the most sought after, so I felt lucky having her. So I did all to keep her, I could die for her.
But the rose broke! And I that loved so much, fell so hard. I tried to regroom the rose but it was already in pieces.


‘Martha!!!’ I was sure all the veins in my neck were visible as I screamed her name. I could feel my heart pounding, this happened to be the most frightful moment of my life.
She never glanced back for once as she continued climbing, I climbed faster than any Ape. But I could not just reach her in time.
‘Please dont do it.’ I called out.
‘Gabriel, leave me alone!’ She spoke for the first time in what felt like a decade.
‘I can’t let you do this.’ I replied

‘Its my life and not yours!’
‘Yes,its not mine but its also not yours.’she paused at my reply. ‘Its God’s’
‘I……. dont care.’ She stammered
‘You do!, And so does He, I guess that’s why I am here at this time.’ She looked thoughtful for a second. That was when I noticed she was already at the edge of the tank.
‘I have disappointed Him, its over.’ She yelled and jumped.

I stretched my hand and caught her foot before she reached down. Her weight nearly pulled me off.
‘Leave me!’ She screamed and struggled.
‘Stop, or we would both drop dead!. I am ready to die with you!!!’


Your love is cold
Sending shivers down my spine
Freezing my senses
Am in need of time clothing
I need heat from your touch
I may be far from you
But you are as near as my skin
At night, my eyelids cant stop me from seeing you
For in my dreams you are mine

But when i awake, you are lost
I prefer to dream of you
For in my dreams,you dance to my tunes
But when i awake i dance to my absence to you
I wish dreams and reality would switch places someday
For i would love to have every moment in my dream with you

This is to the woman i would love when time comes


She was a goddess
I knew it the very first time i set my eyes on her
She made every of her lovers to bow to her
They worshipped her beautiful feet
They also worshipped beyond the beauty of her feet
They worshipped her in her wholeness
She commanded the commanders with the sway of her hips
The moment she walked pass, the TV screen came on

All eyes were glued on her!
She swore no man could resist her
Till she met a man who never adored her
She was a simple pale skin to him
She was as the dust he walked upon
And she was only a lost being
And that was the man who conquered!
Lust had no home in his heart
And he was saved from the trap of Delilah

Love poem

How long would i have you?
Perhaps i would lose you again someday.
There are mysteries in your eyes
And there are songs on your lips
I fear to fall into tides of your soul
Cuz i may sink therein
We cant predict the future
But i once had a peep in
And now its all blurry!