Wash me of in the oceans
Then my dirt would go
And I would remain clean
And my garment would be white
But what would take away this ugliness
This ugliness that plagues my soul
That eats up my inside
That tears my soul in pieces
Yes, I can wash away the dirt
But what about the ugliness?
If would remain ever still



February 9th, 2018
Lord I keep running from You. I may deny but I know thats true.
Lord I am weak but You are my strength.
Help me be closer to You. Amen


February 12th, 2018
Lord today I realize there is a way to be addicted to pornography and not know.
The movies we watch today are equal to pornography.
Sex scenes are now numerous and very inevitable.
Watching some movies is like watching pornography.
Well, for me, things have not been going too well. I have encountered numerous temptations which showed me how weak I am.


No Al
No A
But all
In its wholesomeness
In its completeness
No subtractions
So You can make me perfect
Yeah, the perfect me in You
Perfecting my all
I surrender it all to You
Perfect my all
No hidden weaknesses
But a perfect ALL.


I feel like speaking gibberish
Speaking in language no one understands
Saying seemingly meaningless words
Groaning and making sounds
Just expressing words of my soul
Scream!!! Arrgh!!! Hmmph!!!
Lord! Take over my spirit!
Fire come alive again!


February 7th,2018
Woke up on a bright side. And kept feeling the urge to pray but did not.
I guess I am ‘strong’.
No, there is no excuse. I am just lazy and do a lot of procrastination.
Please help me kill this part of me. I am but a man.
My weaknesses seem to overshadow me but Lord if I dwell under the shadow of Your wings, how can another shadow still cover me?
Lord bring me into the light of Your salvation and Lord I think I really do need mentoring in my spiritual life.


I would never pray to be moulded rightly
I would never advise on how to be moulded
I would not lay down my suggestions
Neither would I recommend a better design
Instead, I would stay still
Still, as the inanimates
I wont fight with the Potter
But I wont question His design
Or can the clay have more wisdom than the Potter?
So let my prayer go thus;
Break my proud edges
Pound my will
Grind my strength
Let me be soft as the clay
Let my heart bow to You
Let my surrender be complete
Let me not battle my moulding
And let me not run from Your wheels


February 6,2018
Lord thank You for a new and blessed day.
Thank You for all my exams and all.
You have indeed been faithful and I am absolutely nothing compared to You! Selah
I am nothing at all.
I know sometimes I exalt myself and carry myself above Your word.
Please have mercy on me o Lord and break me.
Mould me to Your will. Mould me how You wish to.
I love You Abba and I want to give You my all.