I take myself to be a servant of God with many colours. And my definition of colours are my different talents, skills and gifts.
People tend to tell others not to get involved in too many things but I would not want my Father to ask me someday about why I did not use some gifts or talents, and I respond to Him that people said I should not get involved in too many things. I may need a spanking for that…. lol.
Okay, I would tell you to use every single talents or gifts that the Lord has given unto you. That is why I call myself a prophet of many colours. The ‘Prophet’ part reminds me that I need to add God to my many colours so that I can go father than where my normal self would have taken me. I live and walk in the supernatural not the natural.And I go with extraordinary not the ordinary.
And know that all this do I do by God’s grace and the help of His Spirit, not by my power nor by my might.
Thanks for reading and caring to know more about me, the Prophet of many Colours.